september gurls, and other obscure 80s hits.

old story, but way back in college, one had figured a way to beat the hysteria and general manicness of new year’s eve. we simply rejigged the dates — by a couple of months.

consequently, new year’s eve was the last day of august, and new year, september 1. so we would get all the stressing about what to wear, and where to go, neatly out of the way — and smile calmly through the december-end mayhem that the rest of the world put itself though.

these days, of course, the new year is just another opportunity to demonstrate one’s grownupness. semi-democratic discussions of venue that could teach the united nations a thing or two. flights and hotel reservations made months in advance. wedding-planner-level co-ordination to ensure that everyone shows up, preferably looking fabulous. 

shame how things change. though, if they didn’t, we’d probably be blind to their former brilliance.

or maybe we’re just in the worst time zone of the universe. and everything ‘former’ is brilliant.

september gurls, and other obscure 80s hits.

lower case, and other baggage.

came. saw. and fell madly in love with this template.

as in most meaningful relationships, once i’d signed on the dotted line, i discovered a few this-is-me-don’t-expect-me-to-change features. 

since love is blind — and i’m pretty seriously myopic — this is a comprehensive list of things i’m going to put up with on this blog. no more, and no less.

1. not being able to change the case on some captions. e.g.: about, pages, recently, etc.

2. not being able to alter the paragraph leading on the excerpt of the post you read on the front page.

3. not being able to add pictures directly to the page.

there. now that’s out of the way, bring on the good stuff.  

note: changed said template in january 2008. oh well.

new note: changed it right back in april. i’m twisted.

newer note: and changed it in may. confusius.

lower case, and other baggage.