she who loves new.

the new year usually fits quite well into in my slavish pursuit of new. however, the craziness of the past few months has lent some much-needed perspective to life. and here are some of the things — not necessarily new — that matter:

1. there is no it. really.

2. dogs. sunny beaches. friends. books. wine. some of the most fabulous things in the world don’t care how you look, how much you make, and what you did last summer.

3. the fundamental interconnectedness of everything. yes, it does exist outside of douglas adams and scripture.

4. however balanced your life may be, i’ll bet a lot of money that you still aren’t making enough time for the stuff that makes you laugh, or think, or be yourself. 

5. in the words of norah jones, it’s not too late.

here’s hoping your year is new.

she who loves new.