lost in translation.

weekend, ahoy! and time for the blog equivalent of muttering to yourself like a bag lady.

1. can’t tell you how great i feel about knitting. i’ve learnt so much new stuff over the past month: stitches, patterns, techniques, shortcuts. it’s the most creative thing i’ve done in years. decades. it’s way cheaper than shopping. and hands down, the most fun i’ve had in a super-long time.

2. found the sweetest anagram generator in the whole wide world, web included. it’s here. and it gave me a store/ label/ website name that i would never have come up with in a million years. elegant averages. i love it.

3. went to lush yesterday and rediscovered why i love it so much. give me enough shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, toner, and soap, and i will take on the world. even smiling occasionally.

4. tj’s lost his phone, a terrible catastrophe that has struck me twice in the recent past. so a big hug for him, even though i don’t seem to qualify for a foot massage. the prejudice against non-resident bombayites (nrbs) continues.

5. won’t be able to make it to the vipassana course this month, so i guess the world will have to put up with an uncalm, uncentred, and generally unruly me for a little (heheheh) while longer. consider this official warning.

ciao for now.

lost in translation.

purls before swine.

always been into craft, but am extraordinarily talentless when it comes to needlecraft. until last month.

discovered a pair of knitting needles way down at the bottom of my craft box (don’t ask). realised that i didn’t know to purl, and hastily corrected that fact. and, ever since, have happily been knitting myself to calmness.

it’s easily the most de-stressing part of my life, and is way easier on my liver than the alternative. moreover, it’s replaced books as my distraction of choice. (anyone who knows me would reel mildly at the fact that i’ve been reading the lovely nikita lalwani debut, gifted, for the better part of a month.)

on the flip side, i am the proud owner of several itty-bitty pieces of gorgeous, original knitting. now if only i could lose a few kilos, i’d really be in business.

how many calories does knitting burn, you think? 

purls before swine.