why shahid kapur should be burning up my phone wires.

1. he’s cute.

2. he’s available.

3. he’s over his nubile-young-thing-from-bollywood-royalty phase. (and, presumably, ready for his gorgeous-if-you-squint-older-woman-with-a-mind one.)

4. he’s in a different city, which is always a great thing for short-term relationships.

5. he’s in the movies, and must have some weakness for a totally unpredictable ending.

6. he’s the first actor i’ve ever done an entire blog post on.

note: at this point, some will reference my deep and abiding love for srk. to those people, let me explain that while i might have leaned out of the car at bandstand and shrieked his name out (in vain) more than once, i have never blogged about him. in fact, the only non-harry-potter actor to have earned a mention before — one measly line — is owen wilson.

7. we could both use the distraction.

see what navratri does to me? i turn into a sucker for saans-bahu propaganda.

i really am so much nicer (also cooler, saner, funnier) when i drink.

why shahid kapur should be burning up my phone wires.