steal like austin kleon says!


i’ve been a fan of austin kleon’s work for a few years now, and i was eager to get my hands on his latest book, “steal like an artist”. billed as a “manifesto for creativity in the digital age”, it’s chock full of great quotes, illustrations, and advice on how to follow your interests and embrace your influences. and though the title says “artist”, the material inside is applicable to any medium. it’s perfect for creatively-frustrated creative types (which i know many of you are), and i loved it so much that i want to give you a copy!

what you’ll get

your very own copy of austin kleon’s “steal like an artist”, shipped anywhere in the world, at no cost to you.

the rules

you have until may 1st to enter.
every reblog is considered one entry (likes don’t count, nor do replies).
i’ll use to choose three winners.
keep your inbox open so i can notify you if you win. if a winner doesn’t respond within 48 hours, a new one will be chosen.

good luck!

p.s. if giveaways aren’t your thing, you can always pick up a copy on amazon.
p.p.s. this giveaway is not affiliated with or endorsed by tumblr or my employer, new york media.


steal like austin kleon says!

please. qwerty please.

it’s not about competitive typing; it’s not about recognising the quotes; it’s not about anything but keying in a random selection of passages from writers ranging from krakauer to tarantino, punctuation and all.

what can i say, it’s ridiculously fun. oh, except for the annoying bit where you have to backspace and retype mistakes a la typewriters.

they call it typeracer.

please. qwerty please.

when we were fab.

absolutely, positively, psychotically love the akon remix of “wanna be startin’ somethin'”. which, as anyone who was young back in the days when mj was black and just plain creepy (as opposed to being certified) will remember, was right up there with “smooth criminal” and “give in to me”. (and those who disagree are welcome to moonwalk off this page at a stately speed.) 

all that ma-ma-say-ma-ma-sa-ing got me thinking about a whole lot of equally nostalgia tripworthy things that simply aren’t accessible anymore. in this incredibly age-revealing blog, let me tell you about:

1. buster, dandy, and beano: sublimely stupid british comics.

2. the william books, especially william and the brains trust.

3. flash, the other superhero in red tights. wore wings on his ears, and featured a hypercomplicated plotline involving, among other things, time travel and a wife named iris.

4. green lantern, not to be confused with green arrow or brainiac. quite literally unforgettable: in brightest day, in blackest night/ no evil shall escape my sight/ let those who worship evil’s might/ beware my power, green lantern’s light!

5. double decker chocolate bars. and caramello. and a vaguely squishy purple bar that i think was called plus, it’s so far back that i’ve forgotten.

6. phantom cigarettes (since the reprinted comics are now available all over the countryside).

7. mandrake, or he who gestures hypnotically.

8. top hits, that collection of song lyrics that was at the very apex of every schoolgirl’s must-have list.

9. the sun magazine, for its posters. also the old sportstar.

10. top of the pops on videotape, a one-stop source of bad fashion and worse lyrics. solely responsible for introducing me to the likes of t’pau, aztec camera, and bananarama.

i’m pretty certain there are more, but this list has made me happy enough. shall continue/ complete it soon.

when we were fab.